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With an ever growing list of top marketing and opinion research clients, it is easy to see that our clients know CMS Research can provide the consultation and results they need.  CMS Research works with clients in all business sectors and that list is constantly growing.  Let us deliver results for you, just like we have for many others.




Industries Served: Automobile, Banking, Customer Services, Fast Food, Financial Services, Grocery, Health Care, Hospitality, Insurance, Package Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Political, Real Estate, Restaurant, Retail, Telecommunications, and Travel and Leisure. 

“Not only have we found that our CMS surveys were well received, but our surveyed reps were glad that the corporate office cared about what they thought.  The CMS staff is outstanding, no question goes unanswered and they are always accommodating to my every request."

Jim, CEO

“For over 10 years CMS has provided a high-quality product, competitive pricing, and excellent service.  CMS is a great reserearch partner!"

Sharon, Vice President

“CMS Research was enormously helpful in successfully handling a recent IVR study.  They were very patient with our efforts to please a demanding client.  It was a small study for a very large client, which ran for several months in order to gather sufficient user feedback.  Considering the size of the study, the information proved very useful, the cost was reasonable and everyone was pleased.  We hope to work with CMS again in the near future."

Pete, President

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