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Our experiences include various tailored surveys such as customer satisfaction, employee engagement, mystery shopping, political polling, attitude measurement/diary, Net Promoter Score, new product testing, panel member screenings and many other custom applications..
Customer Feedback


Customer feedback provides invaluable information for a business of all types and sizes.  Our tailored programs allows you to get real time customer feedback that helps you get a better understanding of what they want.  We also make it convenient for the customer to give feedback by offering our surveys with IVR, Mobile, or Online.  This makes getting feedback quick, convenient, and inexpensive. 


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Customer Contact Center Feedback


One of the most important metrics for a Contact Center is customer satisfaction.  This is why the best Contact Centers are utilizing CMS Research to incorporate direct customer feedback via a post-contact survey.  We make it easy for you to gather customer feedback to understand how your Representatives are doing.  The immediate transfer also gives you higher response rates and the ability to gather in the momment feedback.  


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Employee Engagement


Profitability increases when employees are more satisfied and more engaged at work.  This is why the top companies call on CMS Research to gather employee feedback via a phone or web survey.  Our employee engagement program allows you to anonymously gather feedback in real time and in a way that is convenient for the employees.  The data is utilized to understand what drives your employees and how you can harness it to create a happy and productive working environment.


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Other Solutions


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

New Product Testing

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Mystery Shopping

Product Knowledge Testing



Panel Reminders and Messages

Political Polling

Attitude Measurement/Diary

Texting Solutions

Custom Applications


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