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CMS Research is a marketing research company offering customized automated surveys and focused data collection.  The powerful combination of OnlineMobileIVR, and Call Centers generate higher response rates and gives the respondents options.



Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are set up with a pre-recorded voice prompt to respondents to gather responses using their touch-tone keypad.  The IVR system automatically makes or receives calls, provides information or questions and collects data in an unbiased manner.  It can also make reminder calls to provide information or messages to customers and panelists. 


Ultimately, an IVR survey is a great conduit for the Voice of the Customer and powerful tool to gather quantitative feedback in a cost-efficient manner.



Take a listen at 1 866 629 2276.



Smartphones have transformed the way people communicate—it is the fastest mainstream adoption of a technology since television.  Our mobile insights, captured at the moment a user first experiences a product or event, are more valuable than insights recalled days or weeks later.


Cellphone usage continues to grow, so utilize our Mobile or IVR solutions to reach your audience.







Scan the QR code above to try a demo.




CMS Research utilizes the most up-to-date technology to conduct our online research. The platform allows for easy set up and the ability to create multi-mode surveys in one step. Respondents can then choose to take the survey how they want, with the online portion also compatible on mobile and tablet devices.  


These online surveys can be used in many ways by incorporating them into websites, emails, linked on social media, or however you reach your customers.




Take the demo by clicking here.


Other services: Call Centers, Coding, Email Alerts, wav files, Data Processing, Analysis, Presentation, and Consultation


“CMS offers a unique niche in customer satisfaction measurement.  Their call-in feedback gives each of our customers an easy opportunity to let us know, at any time and at no cost to them, how they feel about our products as they are experiencing it.  Their technologically advanced interactive answering system and automated survey allows us to talk directly to the customer and capture real time live comments that help us with immediate problem resolution.  An invaluable piece of the research pie for us!"

Dean, Manager

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